Use of Boardman Township Facilities

Adopted on March 19, 2014

Reservations: Boardman Township facilities are available for use by any individual or organization on a first come, first- served basis. The Supervisor shall record each reservation on a facility calendar, and post at the facility.

Keys: Keys issued shall be logged. All keys that are issued by the Supervisor shall be signed in and out. All keys that are issued to Township Board members, Staff, and Fire department members need to be recorded also. When a Board Member, Staff, or Fire Department member leaves their position they MUST return all keys to Supervisor or Fire Chief.

Facility Rules:  No Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages are allowed within ANY part of the buildings.  Chairs and other equipment must be returned to their place of storage area.  Floors shall be swept with any spills cleaned up.  Tables shall be cleaned.  Any filled bags of garbage removed and placed in dumpster.  Heat levels shall be set NO HIGHER than 70* while the facility is in use then turned BACK DOWN to 62* when facility is NOT in USE.  All lights and any unnecessary electrical equipment turned OFF.  Doors and windows must be closed and locked.

*At this time the Township Hall is not available for private use.*

*Failure to comply with any part of this Policy may result in loss of Privileges*

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