James Killingsworth, Chief

Scott Tinker,  Assistant Chief

Johnathan Miltenberger, Captain

4855 Pine Street
South Boardman, MI  49680



Back row:  James Killingsworth, Chief Firefighter 2, EMT; Johnathan Miltenberger, Captain Firefighter 2;  Tim Eves Firefighter 1; Fay Killingsworth Firefighter 2; Chad Duran Firefighter 2; Lane Jones Probationary Firefighter; Mike Farrar Firefighter 2, MFR; Front Row:  Stephanie Meneer Firefighter 2; Candice Bruckner Firefighter 2.  Not Pictured:  Scott Tinker, Assistant Chief Firefighter 2, MFR; Andrew Killingsworth Firefighter 2, EMT; Kyle Tinker Firefighter 2.

Our Fleet

9 Engine (K90):

1997 E-One Freightliner Pumper, 1500 GPM Pump, 1000 gallon tank, used for suppressing structure fires

9 Tanker (K93):

2006 Freightliner, 2000 gallon tank, Used to transport water to fire scenes in rural areas

9 Brush (K97):

1986 GMC High Sierra 1 Ton, 200 gallon tank, 250 gal/hr pump, Used to suppress wildfires, also primarily responds to downed trees or power lines

9 Rescue (K96):

2017 Ford F550, 200 gallon tank, Responds to medical emergencies and motor vehicle collisions, equipped with all equipment necessary to preform vehicle extrication

Fire and Rescue Training

Fire 1&2: 295 Hours of Training
Training includes Fire Fighting and HazMat Awareness and Operations

Extrication: 14 hrs
Classroom and practical training using extrication equipment

Emergency Driving: 6 hrs
Lecture and course work using actual fire equipment

Medical First Responder: At least 60 hrs*
Instruction on providing immediate lifesaving care while waiting for additional EMS personnel.

Emergency Medical Technician: At least 194 hrs*
Instruction on higher level patient stabilization and care in transport.

*All medically licensed personnel must attend continuing education classes to maintain their license


    Boardman Township: 36.1 mi², Population 1,373 (as of the 2000 census)
    We also provide coverage for a portion of Orange Township*
        *M-66 to Puffer Rd & Bass Lake Rd to Montgomery Rd