Duties and Responsibilities

The Clerk’s duties and responsibilities center on statutorily assigned functions, most of which are administrative. Many of the Clerk’s duties are carefully detailed by state law. The Clerk is a member of the Township Board of Trustees, thus votes on the questions of budget, personnel appointments, contracts, agreements and all other matters that come before the Township Board.

The Clerk’s office has frequent daily contact with Township residents. Request for all types of information – from meeting places and dates to absentee ballot and employment inquiries – come to the Clerk’s Office, in person, by telephone, letter, fax and e-mail. The Clerk’s Department is the information center of the Township.

By Statute:

· Maintains custody of all Township records
· Records and maintains township meeting minutes
· Keeps the township book of oaths
· Responsible for special meeting notices
· Keeps township ordinance books
· Maintains general ledger
· Prepares warrants
· Prepares financial statements
· Delivers tax certificates to supervisor prior to September 30th
· Maintains voter registration files and conducts elections
· Must appoint a deputy

Contact the Boardman Township Clerk to:

Boardman Township Clerk Contact info:

Tonya Hart
PO Box 88
3140 Boardman Rd.
South Boardman, MI 49680