Parks and Recreation New Ordinances

Please take note - the ordinances are now fully in effect.

Boardman Township Parks

Perch Lake Township Park

Perch Lake  Township Park is located on Hart Road on the East end of Perch Lake.  Recently renovated, this park features picinic facilities as well as a swimming beach.  Around the corner off Woodman Road a boat launch is available for small, non-motorized watercraft.

The lake is stocked with pan fish making it a great family fishing lake, both in the summer as well as the winter.  For information about Perch Lake fisheries please visit this site:  

Lake Bottom Map


Hazel Butler Memorial Park

Located in the heart of South Boardman, Hazel Sandeen Butler Memorial Park is at the corner of Boardman Road and School Street, where the original South Boardman School was located.  This park features a t-ball field, a small basketball court and a playground in a quiet neighborhood setting.

To resersve the ball field please complete the facilities use request form.

Charles Hicking Park

Charles Hicking Park is dedicated to Kalkaska County Conservation Officer Charles Hicking.  He was the Kalkaska County Game Warden for 45 years in the early 1900's

The park features a picinic shelter with grills, several play sets to entertain all ages and a full sized softball field.

Additionally, movies will be shown at 10pm on some Friday evenings.  Check out the dates and movie titles here!

Thank you to Mosqito Authority of Traverse City for providing insect control within the park for the summer of 2017.  Contact them to help control mosquitoes in your yard!  (231) 384-8071