Duties and Responsibilities

The State of Michigan requires all municipalities to draft a master plan.  The format and information provided in the Boardman Township Master Plan follows the layout outlined by the state.  Public hearings will be held as the Master Plan for Boardman Township is adopted.

The Master Plan is now ready for review.  Click here to read the document

More Information

The zoning ordnances of our township can be found in the approved zoning book shown on this page.

Ordnances not covered by the township may still fall under the jurisdiction of the county, and the county’s ordinances as of this writing can be found here: https://cms6.revize.com/revize/kalkaskacounty/departments/planning_and_zoning/docs/zoning_ordinance_feb_1.pdf

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Zoning Administrator

Mary Erickson
6363 Sledder’s Trail
South Boardman, MI 49680

Phone: 231.369.2551
Cell: 231.564.2201


Planning Commission Members

Chairman – Sue Lesnick
Vice Chairman – Mack Erickson
Secretary – Cameron Penny

Debra Witek
Bonnie Garrett

Note: We are mentioned here: https://www.gtbay.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Boardman-township-action-plan.pdf from from this site: https://www.gtbay.org/